"Mosquito season concert"
May 30, 2016

On the 4th of June, you are able to enjoy Estonian musicians live in Soomaa! The Tipu nature school is providing activities for children.
"Sääsepirina Alguse Kontsert" can be roughly translated as "beginning of the mosquito season concert". The slightly strange sounding name relates to this time of the year, where here in Soomaa an increasing buzzing is to be heard over the bog - the mosquito season has begun.

Besides mosquitos you will hear jazz, funk, soul, everything in between and a lot more, played by five Estonian groups. Venue will this year be the Mardu farm in Tipu.
Tickets cost 20 euros in pre-sale, otherwise 23 euros.

While the first concert starts at 7pm, the cafe "Magda" already opens two hours earlier, so you don't have to bring your own coffee.

Dagmar, Mari, and we both volunteers of the Tipu nature school will be there to make some programme for the kids. They will have the possibility to try out their acrobatic skills with stilts, rings and a slackline, or, the more artistic under them, can build mobiles with natural materials.

For further information visit the website of the organisers or contact us.

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